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3Com WX4400 (662705485065)
Brand: 3Com
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The ethical research on this company and product is not yet complete. It will be available in the next few weeks, meanwhile we are treating this as a middle scoring brand.

The WX4400 (662705485065), a leading 3Com Wireless Access Point, is possessed of several features which allow you to work and interact in a variety of exotic locations. Furthermore, it is a product of , which has been accorded a medium Gooshing ethical score.

Gooshing's score is predicated upon detailed analysis of the policies of in relation to a variety of ethical issues, including fair trade, energy efficiency and genetic engineering. Please click on the stars above to read Gooshing's evaluation of 's ethical policies.

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As part of the 3Com Wireless LAN Mobility System, the 3Com Wireless LAN Controller WX1200 with 3Com Wireless Switch Manager software centrally manages and controls 3Com wireless 3Com wireless LAN Managed Access Points (MAPs) for those networks demanding complex deployments, or with multiple offices or highly secure LAN requirements. Control MAP configuration and optimize radio-frequency (RF) coverage and performance using the wireless controller managed from the 3Com Wireless Switch Manager accessed anywhere on the network. With a few keystrokes, change parameters for multiple MAPs, eliminating the time-consuming task of individually configuring each device, and providing simple setup. Because wireless clients are mobile, 3Com uses innovative Identity-Based Networking to deliver network services based on user identity instead of ports or devices.
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"3Com WX4400 (662705485065)" Specifications
Brand 3Com The manufacturer of the Wireless Access Point
Model WX4400 (662705485065) The individual model name and number of the Wireless Access Point
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