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Prestige Microban Sandwich Toaster
Brand: Prestige
Bun / Croissant Rack: No
Cancel Button: No
Type: Sandwich Toaster
Variable Width: No
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Prestige Ethical Rating:
About Prestige Ethical Rating

The ethical research on this company and product is not yet complete. It will be available in the next few weeks, meanwhile we are treating this as a middle scoring brand.

With its no-nonsense, ruggedly reliable design, the Prestige toaster is a gritty bastion of durability, and won't let you down on those cold mornings when the car won't start and the dog won't stop barking and the kids are taking half an hour to do their hair in the bathroom and you need some toasted loving to see you through.
In addition, , the company behind the Microban Sandwich Toaster toaster, has received a middle Gooshing ethical score, in recognition of its general approach to multifarious ethical concerns, including fair trade, energy efficiency and organic certification. Please click on the stars above to access a more detailed chronicle of 's ethical history.
Using its search of over 350 products, Gooshing gives you the best price for the Microban Sandwich Toaster. Please goosh through to get this gooshingly good price, or get further information.
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"Prestige Microban Sandwich Toaster" Specifications
Brand Prestige The manufacturer of the Toaster
Bun / Croissant Rack No Whether or not the Toaster comes with an elevated rack, made of wire, to allows large breadstuffs to rest and receive heat.
Cancel Button No Whether or not the Toaster comes with an instant cancel facility.
Defrost Setting No Whether or not the Toaster has a defrost facility.
Electronic Control No Whether or not the Toaster comes with an electronic control to regulate the browness of the bread it produces.
Hi-Rise Lift No Whether or not the Toaster supports a toaster cradle, which will suspend toasted bread in the air for a few seconds after it has popped from the toaster, and so allow the user to pick out annoyingly small bits of toast smoothly and easily.
Model Microban Sandwich Toaster The individual model name and number of the Toaster
Other Features 'Divide ans seal' non-stick, easy clean cooking plates, Manufactured with antibacterial technology for extra hygiene, Power and ready to use indicator lights Interesting additional features of the Toaster.
Reheat Setting No A feature which allows the Toaster's owner to administer a light heating of already toasted bread.
Type Sandwich Toaster The overall generic category of this toaster.
Variable Width No Whether or not the Toaster is equipped with a feature which allows the insertion of different widths of toast.
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