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Cisco 1760 Router (CISCO1760-ADSL)
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Cisco Ethical Rating:
About Cisco Ethical Rating
Although the Cisco router is a most reliable specimen, its holding company - Cisco Systems Inc - has been accorded a low ethical rating by Gooshing, and thus the ethical consumer should look for an alternative model.

Gooshing's low ethical rating is based on thorough scrutiny of Cisco Systems Inc's approach to such issues as fair trade, energy efficiency, pollution and animal testing. Please click on the stars above for an elaboration of the reasons behind the low rating with which Gooshing has ranked Cisco Systems Inc.

Although we do not endorse the 1760 Router (CISCO1760-ADSL), Gooshing's search of over 350 retailers still gets you the best price at which to buy this model. Please click through if you wish to buy at the best price, or simply access more information.
The Cisco 1760 Modular Access Router offers small to medium-sized businesses and small enterprise branch offices a 19-inch rack-mount access solution designed to enable them to grow their e-business capabilities. The two different versions of the Cisco 1760 Modular Access Router, the base version Cisco 1760 and the pre-configured version Cisco 1760-V, address the needs of customers who want to deploy e-business applications - now or in the future.The Cisco 1760, as a modular platform in a 19-inch rack-mount form factor, offers customers secure Internet and Intranet access, as well as the capability to implement a variety of e-business and voice applications. This includes Voice over IP (VoIP), virtual-private-network (VPN) access, and business-class digital subscriber-line (DSL) as required.
"Cisco 1760 Router (CISCO1760-ADSL)" Specifications
Brand Cisco The manufacturer of the Router
Model 1760 Router (CISCO1760-ADSL) The individual model name and number of the Router
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