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Mitsubishi XL5900U
Brand: Mitsubishi
Model: XL5900U
Projector Type: LCD
Resolution: 1024x768 pixels
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Mitsubishi Ethical Rating:
About Mitsubishi Ethical Rating
Although the Mitsubishi XL5900U's ability to project home videos and films may be pleasing, the ethical policies of its parent company, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, certainly are not. Gooshing has carried out a comprehensive review of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation's stance on a number of complicated ethical issues such as animal testing and energy saving schemes. To view a breakdown of the results of this research, please click on the stars above.
Despite Mitsubishi Electric Corporation's disappointing ethical rating, Gooshing will still get you the best price on the XL5900U. Please click through if you wish to buy at this gooshingly good price, or if you simply want more information on XL5900U.
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"Mitsubishi XL5900U" Specifications
Brand Mitsubishi The manufacturer of the Projector
Brightness 3900 ANSI Lumens The level of brightness of images produced by the Projector.
Component Video IN Yes Whether or not the Projector comes with a device which allows the attachment of a DVD playing device to the projector.
Contrast Ratio 600:1 The disparity, in terms of light intensity, between the brightest and darkest images which can be generated through the Projector. The greater the contrast, the clearer the picture generated.
Model XL5900U The individual model name and number of the Projector
NTSC Yes Whether or not the Projector comes with NTSC, which supports American frequencies.
Panel Aspect 4:3 The various different screen sizes onto which the Projector can display imnages.
Projector Type LCD The varying means of magnifying a picture through the Projector.
Resolution 1024x768 pixels The number of pixels (small digital dots which when amalgmated constitute an image) which the Projector can accomodate on its screen. The more pixels, the clearer the image.
RGB IN Yes This feature can facilitate the transfer of composite video images to a projector, normally through a SCART lead.
S-Video IN Yes An input of consistent performance and digital quality. Please endeavour to ensure that this comes as part of what you intend to plug into your Projector.
Weight 9 kg The total weight of the Projector, measured in Kilograms (1Kg=2.2lb)
Weight Above 6 kg The XL5900U's total weight, measured in Kilograms (Kg=2.2lb)
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