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Sagem my X-6
Brand: Sagem
Digital Camera: Attachment
Network: Orange, Vodafone
WAP: Yes
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Sagem Ethical Rating:
About Sagem Ethical Rating

The ethical research on this company and product is not yet complete. It will be available in the next few weeks, meanwhile we are treating this as a middle scoring brand.

Allowing you to contact loved ones wherever you are (as long as you've got a signal), the Sagem my X-6 is certainly a worthwhile investment. Its parent company, , has also been awarded a medium ethical rating from Gooshing, following thorough research into its ethical policies on issues such as fair trade and energy efficiency. For a breakdown of the results of this research, click on the stars above.
Searching over 350 retailers, Gooshing will get you the best price on the my X-6. Click through for the best buy and for more information on the my X-6.
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"Sagem my X-6" Specifications
Brand Sagem The manufacturer of the Mobile Phone
Digital Camera Attachment A small camera fitted into the Mobile Phone.
Dimensions 110x46x22 mm The size of the three dimensions of the Mobile Phone in mm.
Download games Yes Whether or not the Mobile Phone comes with the capacity to download and play computer games.
Download Ringtones Yes Whether the user can download ringtones to the Mobile Phone.
Frequency Band Dual-band The type of band and frequency on which the Mobile Phone operates, whether Tri Band (ideal for those travelling to the USA), Dual Band or Quad Band.
Games 2 The games which are included on the Mobile Phone.
GPRS Yes Whether or not the Mobile Phone comes with a GPRS feature to enable higher linespeed, which facilitates internet access and the sending of pictures.
Handsfree Speakerphone Yes Whether or not this Mobile Phone has a hands free capacity.
Infrared Yes Whether or not the Mobile Phone possesses infrared, enabling the user to connect to a local computer and the internet.
MMS Yes Whether or not the Mobile Phone can accept photos from and forward photos to other mobile phones.
Mobile/PDA Mobile Whether photos count as PDAs according to their organisational functionality.
Model my X-6 The individual model name and number of the Mobile Phone
Phonebook Capacity 2.3MB memory The upper limit to the amount of names and numbers the Mobile Phone can store.
Polyphonic Yes A sophisticated ring tone which closely resembles a real song.
Predictive text T9 A function which foresees and completes the word you want to insert into a text message using only a couple of initial characters. Designed to accelerate the texting process.
Ringtones 30 The amount of ringtones presently lodged on this mobile phone's SIM card.
SAR Rating 0.65 W/kg Specific Absorption Rate - gauges the volume of radiation which is attracted to the head of the mobile phone while its user is conversing. Obviously lower is better.
Screen Resolution 128x160 pixels Measures the amount of pixels (small digital dots which when amalgamted on screen constitute an image) a mobile TV's display can accomodate. The more pixels the screen can afford equates to greater resolution and thus a sharper image.
Screen Type 65k-colour Which type of display this mobile phone possesses, either mono or colour.
Network Orange, Vodafone The company which manages the bills and infrastructure of their mobile phone.
Standby Time 310 The length of time over which the mobile phone will stay active when not being used to send or receive calls.
Talk-time 4.6 The highest possible time over which you can use your handset before recharging is required.
Vibrate Yes Whether or not the Mobile Phone will vibrate when a call comes in.
WAP Yes Whether or not the Mobile Phone is equipped with Wireless access protocol, a portal to a plethora of sites and downloaded information (slthough criticised as slow by users around the world).
WAP Version 1.2.1 The version of WAP with which the Mobile Phone is compatible.
Weight 106g The total weight of the Mobile Phone, measured in grams (100g=0.22lb)
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