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Plantronics DSP-300
Brand: Plantronics
Frequency Response: 100 - 10000 Hz
Wireless: No
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Plantronics Ethical Rating:
About Plantronics Ethical Rating
As well as making headsets for your hands-free enjoyment, Plantronics Inc, which is the parent company of the Plantronics DSP-300, has also been ensuring that their ethical policies are of a top notch standard. In recognition of this, Gooshing has awarded Plantronics Inc a high ethical rating. Animal testing, energy saving schemes and fair trade are just three of the areas into which research was carried out. For a breakdown of how Plantronics Inc performed in each of these categories, simply click on the stars above.
From its search of over 350 retailers, Gooshing gets you the best price at which to buy the DSP-300. If you wish to purchase or if you just want to view more infromation on thr DSP-300, click on the link below.
Plantronics DSP-300 digitally-enhanced lightweight stereo headset with full-range stereo sound. Perfect for all of your multimedia applications. Listen to CDs, DVDs, or MP3s in high quality stereo sound. The noise-canceling microphone enhances speech accuracy. Packaged with Plantronics PerSono Audio Control Center Software plus leading speech recognition and voice applications.
"Plantronics DSP-300" Specifications
Brand Plantronics The manufacturer of the Headset
Cord Length 3 Metres The metric length of the power cord connected to the Headset.
Frequency Response 100 - 10000 Hz
Model DSP-300 The individual model name and number of the Headset
Wireless No
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