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Roland RH-25
Brand: Roland
Frequency Response: 20 - 18000 Hz
Impedance: 32ohms
Wireless: No
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Roland Ethical Rating:
About Roland Ethical Rating

The ethical research on this company and product is not yet complete. It will be available in the next few weeks, meanwhile we are treating this as a middle scoring brand.

As well as allowing you to continually listen to your favourite Duran Duran CD over and over again, whether on the train or just walking along the street, the Roland RH-25 has also been awarded a medium ethical rating following a thorough review of the ethical policies of its parent company, . For a more detailed breakdown of how rated in categories including energy saving schemes and fair trade, please click on the stars above.
If you have decided that RH-25 is the one for you, Gooshing will get you the best price from its search of over 350 retailers. To view more information on RH-25, simply click on the link below.
The Roland RH-25 Headphones bring professional sound quality to a price anyone can afford. Thanks to their lightweight, foldable design, the RH-25s are perfect for DJs and people making music on the go.
"Roland RH-25" Specifications
Brand Roland The manufacturer of the Headphone
Frequency Response 20 - 18000 Hz
Impedance 32ohms
Model RH-25 The individual model name and number of the Headphone
Power 100 mW
Type DJ, Studio The overall category into which the Headphone falls.
Wireless No
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