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TwinMOS Technologies FMM128S MultiMedia Card
Brand: TwinMOS Technologies
Internal Memory: 128MB
Model: FMM128S MultiMedia Card
Type: MultiMedia Card
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TwinMOS Technologies Ethical Rating:
About TwinMOS Technologies Ethical Rating

The ethical research on this company and product is not yet complete. It will be available in the next few weeks, meanwhile we are treating this as a middle scoring brand.

In addition to being a most useful means of storing digital information, the FMM128S MultiMedia Card is a product of , which has received a medium Gooshing ethical score in recognition of its policies across a range of moral and environmental issues.

These issues include animal testing, energy efficiency and organic certification, all of which are highly relevant ethical concerns at present. Please click on the stars above to access a full Gooshing synopsis of the ethical record of and thus the FMM128S MultiMedia Card.

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The TwinMOS MultiMediaCard TM consists of MultiMediaCard TM Controller, which support Toshiba / Samsung NAND type flash. It is the best choice for consumer usage within PDA ,camera , smart phone ,MP3 player. The MultiMediaCard TM is meet MMC specification V3.2, and provides error correcting code (ECC) reliability to detect and correct errors automatically. The simple molded package has a seven pad (pin) serial interface. This easy-to-install simple serial interface offers easy integration into various devices regardless of the microprocessor used.
"TwinMOS Technologies FMM128S MultiMedia Card" Specifications
Brand TwinMOS Technologies The manufacturer of the Flash Memory
Internal Memory 128MB The capacity of the Flash Memory's memory in megabytes (does not take into account the storage device).
Model FMM128S MultiMedia Card The individual model name and number of the Flash Memory
Type MultiMedia Card The overall category into which the Flash Memory falls.
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