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WatchGuard Technologies FireBox X5 (wg40005)
Brand: WatchGuard Technologies
Data Speed: 80 Mbps
Model: FireBox X5 (wg40005)
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WatchGuard Technologies Ethical Rating:
About WatchGuard Technologies Ethical Rating
While the WatchGuard Technologies firewall has established itself as a stoic last line of defence against the nefarious nerds who hurl the digital spawn of their depraved psyches at our computers on a daily basis, the parent company behind the FireBox X5 (wg40005), Watchguard Technologies Incorporated, has been awarded a medium Gooshing ethical rating in recognition of its policies across a range of pertinent ethical issues.

As these policies include pollution, energy efficiency and fair trade, the Gooshing ethical rating is significant recogntion. Please click on the stars above to access a full ethical snopsis of Watchguard Technologies Incorporated and thus the FireBox X5 (wg40005).

In addition, Gooshing's search of over 350 retailers gets you the best price on the FireBox X5 (wg40005). Please click through to buy at the best price or get more information.
Small- to mid-sized businesses already protecting their central office networks with Firebox® X, can now extend that commercial-grade security to their remote and telecommuting employees with Firebox X5. This easy-to-deploy, model-upgradeable, VPN endpoint and firewall security appliance was especially designed for telecommuters with limited networking experience, and offers best-in-class performance, work/home network separation, and intuitive remote management for network administrators in the central office. Firebox X5 is the all-in-one firewall/VPN appliance that will handle all of your telecommuters security needsnow and in the future.
"WatchGuard Technologies FireBox X5 (wg40005)" Specifications
Brand WatchGuard Technologies The manufacturer of the Firewall
Data Speed 80 Mbps
Model FireBox X5 (wg40005) The individual model name and number of the Firewall
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