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Magimix M300 Nespresso Coffee Maker
Brand: Magimix
Model: M300 Nespresso Coffee Maker
Type: Nespresso
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Magimix Ethical Rating:
About Magimix Ethical Rating

The ethical research on this company and product is not yet complete. It will be available in the next few weeks, meanwhile we are treating this as a middle scoring brand.

With its high capacity, and ability to concoct a caffeine cocophony which will have you craving more [well, hopefully not literally craving more], the M300 Nespresso Coffee Maker is currently one of the major products available in the market of cappuccino makers and espresso machine.

The company behind the M300 Nespresso Coffee Maker, , recently received a middle ranking score in the Gooshing ethical reviews of hundreds of different manufacturers. This rating has been conferred by Gooshing after analysis of 's attitude to eight different contemporary ethical issues. Please click on the stars to find out more about 's ethical record.

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House of Fraser
House of Fraser
House of Fraser
"Magimix M300 Nespresso Coffee Maker" Specifications
Automatic Yes Whether or not this Espresso / Cappuccino Machine comes with an automatic facility.
Brand Magimix The manufacturer of the Espresso / Cappuccino Machine
Dimensions 330x270x255 The size of the three dimensions of the Espresso / Cappuccino Machine.
Milk Frothing Steam Arm A frothing feature based on the injection of high pressure steam along a tube.
Model M300 Nespresso Coffee Maker The individual model name and number of the Espresso / Cappuccino Machine
Other Features Clock/Timer Display, Satin Steel Finish, Soft Touch Controls Interesting additional features of the Espresso / Cappuccino Machine.
Pressure 19 Bar The extremity of pressure which the Espresso / Cappuccino Machine can generate, measured in the BAR unit. The more pressure exerted, the sharper the flavour of coffee created.
Programmable Yes Whether or not the Espresso / Cappuccino Machine possess a function allowing the user to set their machine to forment a cup of coffee at a certain time.
Tank Capacity 1.8 ltr The highest possible volume of water which the expresso machine can contain at any one time.
Type Nespresso The overall category into which the Espresso / Cappuccino Machine falls.
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