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Sony RDR-GXD500
Brand: Sony
Hard Disk Drive: No
Model: RDR-GXD500
Recording Disk Format: DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW
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"Sony RDR-GXD500" Specifications
Audio / Video Input Type Composite, RGB, SCART, S-Video With the user faced with a number of different ways of connecting the DVD Recorder to their TV/Home Cinema system, the user should ensure that the Audio/Video Input Type is correct and compatible.
Audio / Video Output Type Composite, SCART, S-Video With the user faced with a number of different ways of connecting the DVD Recorder to their TV/Home Cinema system, the user should ensure that the Audio/Video Output Type is correct and compatible.
Brand Sony The manufacturer of the DVD Recorder
Digital Audio Output Type Coaxial The mode or method by which sound is transmitted.
Dimensions 430x89x381 mm The size of the three dimensions of the DVD Recorder in mm.
Firewire DV IN/OUT No Whether or not the DVD Recorder comes with a cable enabling the user to connect to other items, such as a PC and digital camera.
Hard Disk Drive No Whether or not the DVD Recorder can record data onto hard disk rather than tapes.
Model RDR-GXD500 The individual model name and number of the DVD Recorder
Other Features Integral Freeview Digital Tuner Interesting additional features of the DVD Recorder.
Playback Disc Format CD, CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD Video, MP3, VCD The range of disk modes which the DVD Recorder will play.
Recording Disk Format DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW The sort of disk onto which the DVD Recorder might record.
Scart Sockets 2 The total amount of SCART sockets with which this DVD Recorder is equipped.
Time Shifting Yes This facilitates recording and playback of a certain TV programme at the same time.
Weight 5.1 kg The total weight of the DVD Recorder, measured in Kilograms (1Kg=2.2lb)
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