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PURE Digital DRX-701ES
Brand: Pure Digital
Model: DRX-701ES
Type: Hi-Fi Separate
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Pure Digital Ethical Rating:
About Pure Digital Ethical Rating
The DRX-701ES, a most efficient and finely-tuned specimen from the PURE Digital stable, a product of Imagination Technologies Group, has been given a medium Gooshing ethical score.

This medium score is baed on information on Imagination Technologies Group's policies to a range of moral and environmental issues, including pollution, energy efficiency and animal testing. Please click on the stars above to get more information on Imagination Technologies Group's ethical attitudes.

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"PURE Digital DRX-701ES" Specifications
Brand PURE Digital The manufacturer of the DAB Digital Radio
Dimensions 430x65x270 mm The size of the three dimensions of the DAB Digital Radio in mm.
FM Radio No Whether or not the DAB Digital Radio can play FM radio.
Model DRX-701ES The individual model name and number of the DAB Digital Radio
Other Features Dual phono for external audio inputs, Software Upgradeable Interesting additional features of the DAB Digital Radio.
Outputs Coaxial Digital, Optical Digital, Stereo Analogue The configuration of the DAB Digital Radio's output, and thus its compatibility with other household devices.
Power Type Mains The basis of the power used by this DAB Digital Radio
Remote Control Yes A device which allows the user to control the DAB Digital Radio without being in direct physical contact with it.
Sound Output to amplifier The way in which the sound is relayed to the listener.
Station Presets 99 The amount of stations which can be logged into this digital radio at your discretion.
Type Hi-Fi Separate The overall category into which the DAB Digital Radio falls.
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